Encrypt Everything NKM - User Guide
Requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 and higher

This user guide will help you understand the different functions that Encrypted Everything NKM provides. This software was created for consumers to keep their data secure and to also provide an easy and pleasant experience.

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When you first open the Encrypt Everything NKM app the only options to select will be Encrpyt or Decrypt. You must choose “Encrypt” or “Decrpyt” before continuing. After making a choice you will either select a file for encryption or decryption depending on your first choice. From that point you will have to selected a directory to save the encrypted and decrypted file. You can name the the save file anything you choose. After that you will enter a password that will be used to encrypt or unecrypt your data. Following a successful password and validation you can Encrypt or Decrypt a file. So there you have it, there are only 5 steps to encrypt or decrypt any file that you choose.

Here are the instructions step by step:

1:) Select an option - “Encrypt” or “Decrypt” - so that the program knows what you would like to do.

2:) Select any file that you would like to “Encrypt” or “Decrypt”. In order to decrypt a file, it must be a file previously encrypted using ‘Encrypt Everything NKM’.

3:) Select a location where you would like the file to be saved and name the file anything that you choose.

4:) Enter a password and validate the password to encrypt your file. When decrypting a file you will only enter a password to validate the encrypted the file.
5:) Simply press the “Encrypt File” or “Decrypt File” button to complete the action.

That’s it. If the file has been tampered with the program will give you a warning and stop the decryption process. This is to ensure that on one can tamper with your data.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us at
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