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User Guides - Manuals

All of Triple Phelix Software comes with User Guides to assist novice and experienced users. Although the software is easy to use, we want everyone to have a general understanding of how to use the software properly.

Password Manager

Password Manager allows you to remember one password and get access to unlimited passwords. Click the picture above to view the user guide.

Easy Encryption

Easy Encryption allows anyone to easily protect their data regardless of their skill set. Click the picture above to view the user guide.

Encrypt Everything NKM

With Encrypt Everything NKM you can encrypt ANY file on your PC. It only takes seconds to start the encrypting or decrypting process. NKM is short for No Key Management. You don't have to worry about managing keys.

Encrypted Email Exchange

Encrypted Email Exchange aka Triple E allows you to communicate securely over email. This software requires two people to exchange public keys to start a secure session, even if you are sending data across non-secure lines such as the internet.