Password Manager

When we store passwords on a computer without encryption the data is normally stored in plain text. Plain Text can easily be read from files such as Notepad or Microsoft Word. This allows hackers to easily access your password or any data that is not encrypted. Password Manager allows you to save your password and any other information in an encrypted file.

Download and try Password Manager for 30 days free.

Download Password Manager (Windows)

Requires Microsoft .Net 4.0 and above to run.
MD5: e63bfd22861b42d766da9e4a78607dca
SHA1: 3ff84d6bb6205170288b283892e6dc006cdf0f8d

Easy Encryption

Easy Encryption simplifies encryption and makes it simple to encrypt and decrypt data within seconds. Easy Encryption takes care of all of the encryption and decryption information behind the scenes which makes this app suitable for users who want a very easy experience. This app is also great for users who want file security, but really doesn’t care about the security gibberish.

Download and try Easy Encryption for 30 days free.

Download Easy Encryption (Windows)

Requires Microsoft .Net 4.0 and above to run.
MD5: b32f50044c3990a8f9d514bb157999a8
SHA1: 36c5da9c4846ac6c6091ea31d076b8e94ee32c6d

Encrypt Everything NKM

Encrypt Everything NKM allows you to encrypt data without managing a key. NKM is short for” No Key Management”. There is another version of Encrypt Everything that allows users to save a key which requires key management in order to protect and unencrypt the data. I decided to make the process much simpler for everyday computer users by eliminating the need manage keys. Encrypt Everything NKM uses a very simple top down approach to keep things simple. Please be sure to read the user guide.

Download and try Encrypt Everything NKM for 30 days free.

Download Encrypt Everything NKM (Windows)

Requires Microsoft .Net 4.0 and above to run.
MD5: 01ab189a3ccdbe4f451a3079f3a1b6f6
SHA1: b4d7060a1165de6325d0d147d0ffcb6bb2283ec3