Why should I use Encryption Software?

Now that we have entered the Information Age or Digital Age we need security more than ever. The world is more connected than ever and although the Digital Age is a large step for mankind we must continue to protect ourselves. Similar to other marvels throughout history we must adapt. For example, the first car was created in 1885-1886 and by 1916 the Cadillac Type 53 used the first key for automobiles. Before car keys became a standard one of the few ways to protect your vehicle was to chain it to a lamppost along with a padlock! This is exactly what Henry Ford had to do to prevent theft. The alternative was someone stealing your precious vehicle. To make it much easier to use vehicles and prevent vehicle theft car keys were created.

The Car Key Anaology

Normally our data is stored in plain text and by plain text I mean in plain sight. As an example, imagine leaving your car keys on a table in a large Mall and then decide to go shopping. Chances are the car keys will be stolen. Of course the average person would never leave their car keys in a public place, however this example is equivalent because you are leaving your keys in plain sight for everyone to see and we all know that you cannot trust everyone. This is exactly what the average PC user does with their sensitive data all the time.  They leave their data sitting on their computer or devices in plain text. To put the car example in perspective, most people will keep their keys hidden in their purse or pockets. You can think of that same concept when it comes to something we like to call "Encryption". When you have data or files on your PC that you don't want anyone to see you should hide this data by making it unreadable.

The Car Key Analogy Ends And Security Begins

By "hiding" data I don't mean putting the data or files somewhere on your PC that you "think" no one will see or ever find. This is where the car analogy ends and security begins. Trust me a hacker WILL find your personal data. This is called "security by obscurity" and it doesn't work when it comes to computers and data. When it comes to storing data you should want your sensitive data to be encrypted. By "encrypted" I mean hiding the data so that it cannot be read. Even if the data is stolen it will not be readable, usable or viewed by the thief. Data can be anything such as a PDF file, video file, picture file, music file or any type of file on your computer, tablet or phone. So basically it can be anything that you feel should be private. The term "decrypt" is used to reveal the data so that it can be read or viewed. The most important thing to remember is that the decrypted data should only been seen when needed. There are several options available on this website for encrypting data and decrypting data.

Why You Should Protect Sensitive Information

The world revolves around the use of computers and other technology in the digital age. There isn't much you can do that doesn't require the use of a computer of some kind. This means using computers for personal information such as credit checks, Fafsa information, tax information such as W-2 statements and other personal documents. This data literally sits on computers in plain sight for a lot of computer users. This makes the life of a hacker or potential thief much easier. Personal information can describe every aspect of your life and make it very easy for a hacker to sell or steal your identity. Serious information such as your social security number, phone numbers and home address can easily be found sitting in some files on your PC. Some "smart" users will think that deleting these items will protect them, but this isn't always the case and I will touch on the topic of deleting files in a future blog post. Just because you use recycle bin or delete a file doesn't mean it can't be read or recovered in every situation. If personal information is stolen it can lead to severe issues such as identity theft or something much worse.

What Makes Triple Phelix Software Different From Other Software?

There are other situations when you don't want to delete the personal information because you might need to access this information at a later date. So deleting a file containing sensitive information isn't always an option to protect data. This is where Triple Phelix Software shines. There are 3 different tiers to support different types of people. Tier 1 is for novices who want their data protected with simple usage for security. Tier 2 is for intermediate users who possess some tech savvy skills and need more sophisticated security. Finally Tier 3 which is for more experienced users who demand the best security practices and will understand the concepts and usage of the application. If you haven't done so already, feel free to read the short article that explains the tiers in more detail by clicking here.

The applications were developed specifically for simplicity for all users across all Tiers. Each app uses a top - down approach, meaning that you start at the top of the application and work your way down while selecting the options you decide to use. Each application comes with a user guide which clearly shows how to use the applications. Feel free to head over to the user guide page to learn about the different types of software that we sell. This streamlined approach will make securing data much easier and affordable as well. Now when I use the term personal or sensitive when it comes to data, I use those terms because that is why I think most people will use this software. However, you can encrypt ANY file you feel is important to you and any file that you do not want anyone to see.

So feel free to download a 30-day trial version and check out the other software.