Software For Beginners and Experienced Users

There are three different applications that you can purchase to protect your data and passwords. These applications were created to provide a simple way to protect your data. When it comes to security there is a balancing act that must be performed. The most important for me is to ensure that users can use the software effectively and understand why encryption is suggested. The best security requires the use of the best security practices and that would not be feasible for the average computer user. So the first goal to achieve was to ensure that the encryption software provided a streamlined approach that allowed any user to encrypt or decrypt their data in the shortest amount of time. Another goal to solve was ensuring that the best security practices were also available and flexible enough that allowed the applications to be useful for daily usage if needed. Since there is no "one shoe fits all" solution, three "Tiers" were created.

Tier 1:

Tier 1 is for the less experienced PC user who is new to encryption and security in general. The application in this tier is "Easy Encryption". Security is a balancing act between the best practices and the ease of use. Easy Encryption allows users to encrypt and decrypt data without worrying about a password, key or any encryption\decryption information. You simply select the files and the program does the rest. The important security aspects of the program are protected as well. The data is protected and is locked to the account and Windows OS were the data is encrypted. In other words, no one can attempt to decrypt and view your data on another computer or Windows user account.

Tier 2:

Tier 2 is for intermediate to experienced computer users who has a good understanding about what they want and how they want to protect their data. The application in this tier is "Encrypt Everything NKM". NKM is short for "No Key Management" which means that the user does not have to manage key files to recover their encrypted data. Key management can become a problem because for every file you encrypt you will need to keep a key file. The data is protected by a password of your choice when using Encrypt Everything NKM. This also means that user understands that they should use different passwords for every file, but that is entirely up to the user. Remember that you are not supposed to use a password more than once.   

A nice program to use along with this software is Password Manager. Why? Password Manager allows you to manage passwords along with usernames or any other information that you choose. Password Manager can also generate strong cryptic passwords that you could use as a password for Encrypt Everything NKM. Using these two applications will allow users to easily keep a list of passwords and file information.

Tier 3:

Tier 3 is for experienced PC users who need the best security practices along with the ease of use. The software associated with Tier 3 is "Encrypt Everything" and "Encrypted Email Exchange". The first application listed is Encrypt Everything which is different from the "NKM" version explained above in the Tier 2 section. Encrypt Everything requires that the users manage and store key files, preferably in a secure location where no one can access the key files. It would also be a good practice to store the key files on different media other than the media as the encrypted data. For example, store the encrypted data on your Hard Drive that you use daily, but store the key files on an external drive that is stored in a secure location.

This tier can also be powerful because it can allow a very savvy PC user to get to best out of all applications sold on this website. You can combine Password Manager, Encrypt Everything NKM and Encrypt Everything effectively for the best security practices while making the experience much easier. Here is a quick example; suppose that you have all of the Triple Phelix applications installed on your PC. You can use Password Manager to keep a list of your passwords and other information. You can use Encrypt Everything to encrypt sensitive data. Instead of storing key files in plain text you can create a ZIP file and put all keys into that ZIP folder until it is needed. Then you could use Encrypt Everything "NKM" to encrypt the ZIP folder containing all of your key files with a password of your choice or a password generated from Password Manager.

Encrypt Everything is not available for a trial download. It can only be purchased directly since the more experienced and serious users will go this route and manage key files.

Another application I listed above is "Encrypted Email Exchange". It is also not available for a trial download and can only be purchased. Triple E aka "Encrypted Email Exchange" allows two people to setup a secure connection across unsecure lines (ex. HTTP, FTP etc.). It also allows any data sent to be received and decrypted only by the two users communicating.