• One Password To Rule Them All.

    Password Manager allows users to store all of their password locally on their machines. You only need to remember one password to unlock all of your passwords. There is also an optional password generator that will allow users to generate strong cryptic passwords. All data is protected by an AES 256-bit key.
  • Encrypt Everything Allows You To Encrypt Anything Within Seconds

    We all store a lot of sensitive information on our computers in the information age. It’s much safer to encrypt certain data on your computer so that no one can read or steal the information inside. You can encrypt anything file that you choose.
  • Encrypted Email Exchange

    Encrypted Email Exchange aka Triple E is a very lightweight app that allows two people to communicate securely via email. The internet can be very non-secure place and data can easily be read. Triple E prevents these issues.
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Here is a list of all of the software that Triple Phelix provides. All of the software is compliant with FIPS 140-2 standards and is secured with strong AES-256bit encryption.
Password Manager
You only have to remember one password.

Password Manager is an extremely lightweight program that is tightly depended on the user account.

Easy Encryption
Select files and press a button, easy as that!

Easy Encryption gives any user an easy solution to protect their data.

Encrypt Everything NKM
Encrypt Any and Everything

This program will allow you encrypt anything on your PC. No matter if it's a picture, music, text or pdf file.

Encrypted Email Exchange
Secure Communication over Email

Triple E will keep your private communications private over non-secure lines.